Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010 Family Newsletter

Merry Christmas!!

Holiday greetings to all our family and friends!

This year we added a new son-in-law and grandson to our family. There are 40 of us now, with more on the way. We ALL enjoyed a fantastic week at Disneyland in early December.

Here are our family updates for 2010:

AMY (24) & SAM (23)

-Married Sam DeMonja in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple on August 13, 2010

-Live in Riverton apartment in Laurel & Sam’s ward

-AMY graduated from Utah State in May with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech/Communications

-Receptionist and processor for Atlas Title

-SAM transferred from Utah State to the U of U, majoring in Social Work

-Works at ZRII in the Bi-Lingual Customer Support Department (employee of the week, more than once)

MATT (26) & LAUREN (26)

-Welcomed Clark Matthew Skousen on November 2, 2010

-MATT continues to work for Disneyland as Nursery Lead in the Horticulture Department

-Serves as Elder’s Quorum Secretary

-LAUREN has her own photography business (, takes fabulous pictures!

-Teaches the 14-15 year-olds in Sunday School and busy new mommy

oMATTISON (2) loves to help Mommy clean and help take care of Clarkie

oCLARK (1 month) a sweet baby boy, growing and changing every day

HEIDI (28) & JEFF (27)

-Expecting Baby #2 in May 2011

-HEIDI loves being home and baby-sits for sister, Melissa

-Second Counselor in ward Relief Society

-JEFF works at C.R. England Trucking as a Load Planner

-Serves as ward Young Men ‘s Second Counselor and Assistant Scout Master

oRILEY (20 months) loves to watch Disney movies, dance and runs the house

JENNIFER (29) & BEN (36)

-Moved to a 3 bedroom apartment in Gilbert, Arizona

-JENNIFER works for Sephora (make-up & skin care) as a color expert

-Serves as ward Primary Secretary

-BEN is a software engineer for Insight

-Second Counselor in the Elder’s Quorum

oNOAH (12) 6th grade, ordained a Deacon, plays trumpet, loves computer games

oMOLLIE (10) 5th grade, plays saxophone, loves animals and playing with friends

oCARTER (4) enjoys preschool, knows Pledge of Allegiance & loves Power Rangers

HEATHER (32) & DAN (32)

-HEATHER is a licensed Zumba (fitness program) Instructor & loving it

-Serves as ward Nursery Coordinator over 5 nurseries

-DAN changed jobs & works for Venafi (computer company) as Senior Technical Lead

-Working with 11 year old Scouts and teaches Sunday School

oLINDSAY (7 ½) 2nd grade, good at math and spelling, takes dance & piano lessons

oZANE (6) 1st grade, also good at math & spelling, played soccer (good goalie)& T-ball

oGAVIN (4) enjoys preschool, plays soccer & loves playing with friends

oBROOKLYN (18 months) is a sweetheart & very cuddly, loves Mickey & Minnie


-KAREN stay-at-home mom, maid and cook (for us too! – Christian and Karen are living with us.)

-Is serving as the ward Relief Society Meeting Activities Leader

-CHRISTIAN continues in Sales at Electrical Wholesale & new Security Officer for Jordan River Temple

-Executive Secretary for ward

oNATHAN (4) enjoys preschool, loves dressing up as Spider Man & playing the wii

oHARRY (20 months) a joy & terror, but always makes us laugh

MELISSA (35) & CHAD (34)

-MELISSA is office manager for Court OPS (working with Chad)

-Primary President for their ward

-CHAD is private investigator & serves court documents fulltime

-1st Counselor in Bishopric

oKAELYNNE (11 ½) 7th grade, good student, Jr. Girl Scout & plays viola and piano

oMARCUS (8) 3rd grade, baptized in September, played soccer & loves Star Wars

oSPENCER (5) Kindergarten, learning to read, loves Iron Man & Star Wars

oANDREW (2 ½) loves Scooby-Doo & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, playing with cousin Riley

LAUREL (37) & SAM (37)

-LAUREL works with her dad at Ensign Publishing & Productions

-Serving as ward Librarian with Sam & ward Choir Director

-SAM is still employed with Sprint as a Project Manager and is able to work from home

-Serves as ward Financial Clerk

oKELLY (14) 8th grade, competed in cross-country & placed 9th in regionals, Mia Maid in YW

oBENTLEY (11 ½) 6th grade, got glasses & braces, playing Jr Jazz Basketball

oJAROM (10) 4th grade, started piano lessons, playing Jr Jazz Basketball

oJONAH (6) Kindergarten, reading great and loves math and playing video games

oTERON (3 ½) loving pre-school, excited for Primary next month

oMARY (20 months) LOVES nursery, playing dolls and dress up with Kelly


-Enjoying their life as grandpa and grandma and taking trips to see grandkids & the Grand Canyon

-HAROLD continues to produce, duplicate and sell his father’s books, CDs and DVDs on He also records an occasional wedding and other special events or seminars

-Serves as a Primary teacher (11 year old boys), Stake Historian, and Veil Worker in the Jordan River Temple

-ANNE has worked at Rosamond Elementary in the Media Center for 11 years and loving it

-She also continues to serve as Secretary of the Special Needs Mutual in the Southwest Region of Salt Lake

We have enjoyed a wonderful year of blessings with our posterity, as well as the challenges of life. We are grateful for the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ that enriches our lives. May the New Year bring health and happiness to you and your family. Merry Christmas and Happy 2011!

Love, Harold & Anne Skousen and Family

Amy & Sam's Wedding - August 13, 2010