Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Family Newsletter 2012

Merry Christmas!
We achieved a milestone this year –
We celebrated our 40th Anniversary and we are empty-nesters!!!
 In June we enjoyed revisiting our honeymoon sites in California.
Our family continues to bring us so much joy.
 Here are our family updates and highlights for 2012:

AMY (26) & SAM (25)
¨      AMY started new job (Dec. 17) U of U Health Care Outpatient Service Specialist                   
¨      She is the new ward Primary Secretary
¨      SAM senior at the U of U, majoring in Spanish, with a History Minor
¨      ALSO works at U of U Health Care in Bi-lingual Services – office romance?
¨      Serves as a Ward Missionary - Spanish Speaking

MATT (28) & LAUREN (28)
¨      MATT earned his Five-Year pin from Disneyland where he is Nursery Lead in the Horticulture Department. Manages New Orleans Square and Adventureland (if you know Disneyland’s layout)
¨      Serves as Young Men’s Teacher Advisor
¨      LAUREN has her own photography business (www.laurenskousen.com).
She is becoming quite professional and very busy with many photo sessions.
¨      Teaches the 14-15 year-olds in Sunday School
¨      Took a relaxing cruise to Mexico in February
o   MATTISON (4) loves pre-school, ballet, anything princess or girlie
o   CLARK (2) into everything, all boy, sniffs you if he likes you

HEIDI (30) & JEFF (29)
¨      HEIDI loves being home with her girls
¨      New ward Primary Secretary and sings in the Ward Choir
¨      JEFF works at C.R. England in new position as Network Manager
¨      Serves as new ward Executive Secretary (farewell to Scouting)
¨      Enjoyed trip to Disneyland in early December with Jeff’s family
o   RILEY (3 1/2 ) shy, loves anything princess, enjoys pre-school
o   KAYLEIGH (19 months) petite, smart, talks and allergic to everything.

JENNIFER (31) & BEN (38)
¨      JENNIFER is enjoying her free time & volunteering at Carter’s school
¨      New ward YW Mia Maid Advisor
¨      BEN is software engineer for Insight in Phoenix
¨      Serves as Ward Missionary
o   NOAH (14) 8th grade, good student, loves video games
o   MOLLIE (12) 7th grade, good student, cheerleader, Beehive in YW
o   CARTER (6) Kindergarten, likes to draw & ride his bike, play with friends

HEATHER (34) & DAN (34)
¨      Built beautiful new home in Saratoga Springs/ Cruised Bahamas & swam w/ dolphins
¨      HEATHER continues to teach Zumba classes 4 times a week
¨      New Beehive Advisor in YW
¨      DAN works for Venafi (computer co.) as Customer Support to Quality Assurance
¨      New ward Employment Specialist
o   LINDSAY (9 1/2) 4th grade, piano, 3 hours dance/weekly (competition team)
o   ZANE (8) 3rd grade, loves to read, piano, basketball, baptized in September
o   GAVIN (6) 1st grade, good student, great at sports – especially soccer
o   BROOKLYN (3 ½ ) pre-school, tap & ballet lessons, loves Disney Princesses

KAREN (36) & CHRISTIAN (36) 
¨      Bought cute home around the corner from Mom and Dad – keeps them out-of-trouble
¨      KAREN stay-at-home mom, scanning her Grandpa Skousen’s journals
¨      New ward Primary Chorister
¨      CHRISTIAN continues in Sales at Electrical Wholesale & as Security Officer for Jordan River Temple
¨      Executive Secretary for ward
o   NATHAN (6) Kindergarten, great memory and loves math problems, good artist
o   HARRY (3 ½ ) pre-school, ready for Primary, writes his name, plays soccer

MELISSA (37) & CHAD (36)
¨      MELISSA is a stay-at-home mom (laid off in September)
¨      Ward Nursery Leader
¨      CHAD is Site Supervisor for Ricoh at Intermountain Health Center
¨      BISHOP of the Kearns 16th Ward – just finishing his 1st year
o   KAELYNNE (13 ½) 9th grade, on the honor roll, YW Beehive 1st Counselor,  plays the viola in  orchestra and the keyboard in jazz band, choral group & dance
o   MARCUS (10) 5th grade, plays piano and trumpet, Bear Scout, loves Ninjago Legos
o   SPENCER (7 1/2) 2nd grade, fastest reader in class, is a Tiger Cub, will be baptized next year
o   ANDREW (4 ½) pre-school, writes name, plays Nintendo, cutest smile

LAUREL (39) & SAM (39)
¨      LAUREL works with her dad at Ensign Publishing & Productions
¨      Treasurer for the PTO at her kids school – North Star Academy
¨      Serves as Visiting Teaching Coordinator & Stake Primary Chorister
¨      SAM is still employed with Sprint as a Project Manager and works from home
¨      Serving as ward Executive Secretary
o   KELLY (16) 10th grade, competed in cross-country at Riverton High School, driving, dating, earned her Young Women Medallion
o   BENTLEY (13 ½) 8th grade, also ran cross-country at NSA, Deacons Quorum President
o   JAROM (12) 6th grade, ordained a Deacon, taking 7th grade math, LOVES tigers
o   JONAH (8) 2nd grade, getting baptized in January, playing Jr Jazz, loves playing board games
o   TERON (5 ½) Kindergarten, learning to read and write, still changing clothes all day long
o   MARY (3 ½ ) loves pre-school, nursery, anything princess, music and singing songs

¨      Didn’t know being Grandparents could be so exhausting, so busy and so rewarding!
¨      HAROLD still produces, duplicates and sells his father’s books on CDs and DVDs at www.skousen2000.com.Video records & edits special events. Part-time prof. cameraman  
¨      Substitute Primary teacher, Stake Historian, and Veil Worker at Jordan River Temple
¨      ANNE still at Rosamond Elementary in the Media Center - 13 years and loving it
¨      New ward Relief Society Second Counselor

We are all excited to be together for New Year’s as
Ben & Jennifer are going to be sealed together in Salt Lake Temple on December 31, 2012!
At this time of year we are especially grateful for our beautiful family and wonderful friends.  The world may be in peril, but the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Atonement of our Savior will give us hope.May you have the spirit of peace and joy this holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy 2013!

Love, Harold & Anne Skousen and Family

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