Sunday, December 22, 2013

Family Newsletter 2013

Merry Christmas!!
 Our empty-nesting days didn't last long. 
What fun to have family with us again.
Amy and Sam moved into our basement in January while Sam finished his BA from the University of Utah.
Then Heidi and Jeff and their sweet girls lived with us for six months
while their new home was being built in Eagle Mountain.
We also added two precious granddaughters this year. This makes 25 grandkids – so wonderful!
Here are our family updates and highlights for 2013:

AMY (27) & SAM (26)

AMY - U of U Health Care Outpatient Service Specialist & Clinic Liaison
Ward Primary Teacher
SAM - just finished at the U of U, majoring in Spanish, History Minor – BA Degree
ALSO works at U of U Health Care in Bi-lingual Services
Elder’s Quorum Secretary &Teacher

MATT (29) & LAUREN (29)
MATT - six years at Disneyland - Nursery Lead in the Horticulture Department 
Manages New Orleans Square and Adventure land (if you have been to Disneyland)

Young Men’s Teacher Advisor
LAUREN - has her own photography business (
14-15 year-olds Sunday School Teacher
o MATTISON (5) kindergarten, wonderful artist, good helper, Diva
o CLARK (3) all-boy, loves cars, planes & super heros
o HAYLEE (4 months) sweet little angel

HEIDI (31) & JEFF (30)
HEIDI - loves being home with her girls
New Ward Relief Society Activities Coordinator
JEFF – Network Manager for C.R. England
New Ward 11 Year-old Scout Leader
Moved into a lovely new home in Eagle Mountain
o RILEY (4½) pre-school, shy, creative, loves to draw, cute big sister
o KAYLEIGH (2½) potty trained herself, talkative, mischievous
o BRYNLEE (2 months) darling smile & dimples

JENNIFER (32) & BEN (39)
JENNIFER - stay-at-home mom & volunteers at Carter’s school
Ward YW Mia Maid Advisor
BEN - software engineer for Insight in Phoenix
Ward Missionary
o NOAH (15) 9th grade, good student, social dance class (learned fox trot, cha cha & swing) - next dance star?
o MOLLIE (13) 8th grade, honor student, avid reader
o CARTER (7) 1st grade, creative, fun-loving, energetic

HEATHER (35) & DAN (35)
HEATHER - teaches Zumba classes 2 time/week
doTERRA Essential Oils Consultant
New YW President
DAN - works for Venafi (computer co.) as Customer Support to Quality Assurance
Ward Employee Specialist
o LINDSAY (10½) 5th grade, 3 hours dance/weekly, gymnastics
o ZANE (9) 4th grade, loves to read, piano, basketball, likes acting
o GAVIN (7) 2nd grade, good student, great at soccer and basketball
o BROOKLYN (4½) pre-school, tap & ballet lessons, Diva

KAREN - stay-at-home mom, scans her Grandpa Skousen’s journals
PTA board Member for Rosamond Elementary
Ward Primary Chorister
CHRISTIAN - continues in Sales at Electrical Wholesale & as Security Officer for Jordan River Temple
Ward Scholarship and Welfare Specialist
o NATHAN (7) 1st grade, loves to read, good artist
o HARRY (4½) pre-school, big tease, loves playing the wii

MELISSA (38) & CHAD (37)
MELISSA - is a stay-at-home mom & also scans her Grandpa’s journals,
Ward Sunbeam Teacher and Young Women’s Camp Director
CHAD - Site Supervisor for Ricoh at Intermountain Health Center & delivers court documents part-time
BISHOP of the Kearns 16th Ward
o KAELYNNE (14½) 10th grade (Kearns High School), Mia Maid 1st Counselor, beautiful piano player, loves Seminary, great babysitter!
o MARCUS (11) 6th grade, piano & clarinet, Scouts, reading, video games, teasing his brothers
o SPENCER (8 ½ ) 3rd grade, fantastic at reading & math, Scouts, Legos, baptized in July
o ANDREW (5½) Kindergarten, learning to read, loves to draw & tell stories

LAUREL (40) & SAM (40)
LAUREL - works with her dad at Ensign Publishing & Productions
Treasurer for the PTO at her kids school – North Star Academy
Visiting Teaching Coordinator & Stake Primary Chorister
SAM - still employed with Sprint as a Project Manager and works from home
Ward Executive Secretary
o KELLY (17) 11th grade, cross-country & track (Riverton High School), driving, dating
o BENTLEY (14½) 9th grade, cross-country at North Star Academy, guitar lessons
o JAROM (13) 7th grade, taking 8th grade honors math, still LOVES tigers
o JONAH (9) 3rd grade, Jr. Jazz, played spring and fall soccer, loves playing board games
o TERON (6½) 1st grade, doing very well in school, loves his cowboy boots
o MARY (4½) loves pre-school, but can’t wait for kindergarten, very good artist

Being grandparents is so exciting, tiring and fantastic!
HAROLD - produces, duplicates and sells his father’s books on CDs and DVDs at records & edits special events, part-time prof. cameraman
Gospel Doctrine Teacher and Veil Worker at Jordan River Temple
ANNE - Rosamond Elementary Media Specialist - 14 years and reading
Ward Relief Society Second Counselor

As this year comes to a close we are especially grateful for so many blessings.
Life may be crazy and the world around us even more so,
but the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Atonement of our Savior will give us comfort, peace and hope.
May you find joy this holiday season and in the upcoming new year.
Merry Christmas and Happy 2014!

Love, Harold & Anne Skousen and Family

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